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"AYUR SLIMAX" is the natural way of removing excess fats. AYUR SLIMAX’s 100% natural ingredients interact with the body's Natural process of metabolism, preventing the fats from absorbing in the tissues. Whether the individual is obese or just slightly overweight, "AYUR SLIMAX” helps one achieve optimal weight when coupled with exercise and balanced calorie controlled Healthy diet. "AYUR SLIMAX” gently detoxifies the body, helps to over come sweet cravings. Addictions to sugar may be tempered, as the body receives the deeper nourishment it needs from proper absorption and assimilation of nutrients.

Uses & Benefits :-

  • Absorbs fat from food
  • Metabolize the stored fat.
  • Reduces food Intake
  • Facilitate glucose Metabolism
  • Helps in digestion
  • Tones up the muscles
  • Boost up your energy
  • No harmful synthetic drugs or stimulants
  • 100% Natural
  • The Rite Solution for the Fat PROBLEM


Dosage :-

  • One to two capsule twice a Day or
    as prescribed By qualified health care professional


Packing Available :-

  • 10 Capsule Blister Pack
  • 30 Capsule bottle Pack
  • 500 Capsule Jar Pack


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